3 Weeks to Go

Thanks to all the riders, support crew, family and friends who attended our dinner night at The Macarthur on Monday night. We had about 40+ people there on the night and it was great opportunity for the families of the riders and support crew to catch up and enjoy some food and drink together.

Thanks to The Macarthur for putting on a 2-for-1 meal deal which was supurb and for donating $500 towards our charities.


Well, it's fast approaching. Not fast enough though, I can't wait.  I feel as though I'm fit enough and up for the journey but there remains this niggling thought... "Seven days at an average of 150km per day... And the most you've done so far is 120km!"

I guess time will tell.  It's going to take very long days of riding no doubt, most days we'll be spending 7-8 hours seated on the bike excluding breaks. But when I consider that two weeks ago it was looking as though our route would take us up and over the top of the country and down the other side I feel more comfortable about the route we've finally settled on.

Our path will keep us off the dreaded Hume Highway for most of the journey and may just save us from an unexpected encounter with a runaway b-double semi trailer.  The other upside is that I'm sure it will be a lot more scenic than mile after mile of highway.  The downside? We'll it's certainly more hilly than the 'carved out' path straight down the Hume.  Our biggest threat now will probably be magpies - but then again they can do some damage too, just ask Mario!

Please consider making a generous donation to our charities on the right of screen.  Our goal is to raise at lest $25,000 towards CAP and OCF.  That would make the arduous journey and long hours on seemingly endless roads worthwhile.

Thanks so much for your support.

Rohan Bell