Day 2 Morning Post

Well it’s 7.45am on Day 2.  We’re due to depart Goulburn at 8.30 but the guys are all champing at the bit to get going so we may be underway ahead of schedule.

Thought I’d take a moment for the sake of Brother Ian who feels that I sanitised yesterday’s story far too much to set the record straight.  Hey what can I say, I’m an optimist! Always look on the bright side of life and all that.

What I failed to mention in my self imposed limit of 250 words yesterday was some of the finer details so here goes…

  • We passed several dead wombats and a dead Koala – I didn’t notice but the boys reckoned they could smell them a mile off.  My nose was so blocked up from the cold air I don’t reckon I’d have noticed if I rode through a pile of Roo Poo!
  • I was right in the middle of telling Ian that I’d suffered the first fall of the trip when down he went while trying to descend a -7% hill on dirt road.
  • My fall came from trying to hold a conversation with Get Smart Securites (I wish they would) about the Church alarm not working, ascending a steep hill and having my chain come off all at once.
  • Ian’s came because I was distracting him from concentrating on his descent with my personal tale of woe.  He’s far too much of an English gentlemen to acknowledge it but I’m sure it’s the case.  Actually he reminds me of that Pommy guy that Clark Griswald keeps running into in European Vacation.  I think we could run him over with the M3 team bus and he’d still get up and offer to give us his bent front wheel as a souvenir.  Full credit to the man though.  Despite the recurrence of a knee injury from months ago he got back on his bike, determined not to let it beat him.  Think I'll rename him Ian "Bear Grylls" Henderson.

Anyway we’re about to set sail for Canberra.  More news from the Nation’s Capital tonight.

Best regards until then,



Keiren from c3Blue Mountains said...


Thankyou for having a big vision and pulling it off! Thanks to God for putting that inspiration in your heart.

I am inspired by all of your determination and hard work in preparing for this task. hope to keep track of your updates.

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