It’s 9.00pm and I reckon I’m about the last of the cyclists still awake.  All’s quiet at the Pinnacle Apartments in Canberra.  Except for the crazy teenagers swimming in the pool just below my room.  Man I hope that water’s heated.  Brrrr!

Everyone’s dog tired at the end of another windy and chilly day. Although today was our shortest day of riding covering just a tick over 103km it certainly didn’t seem like a walk in the park.  In fact I think we’re coming to realise that on a ride like this every day is going to be full of its own surprises.

Having studied the maps in the early hours of this morning when I couldn’t sleep I preceded to tell the boys about the two hilly sections that we were to encounter on our sojourn from Goulburn down to Canberra.  To which their comments were something like “I don’t think you been telling us the full story Rohan, you said it was going to be easy today.”

Anyway we toddled off at a leisurely 20km/hr into the wind.  Hard work yes, but not exhausting, until we reached Tarago that is.  And then things changed.  The wind picked up and so did the hills.  It was just at the rise of one of those hills as we encountered a blustering gust of wind that Ian exclaimed in the immortal words of John McEnroe, “OH YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!”  At that about summed up the day from that point on.

Oh yeah and then there was the semi-trailers coming the other way at 100km that nearly knocked us off our bikes as they passed.  Don’t worry wives we were never in any danger. We’ll be glad when the wind dies down tomorrow.  We’ll that’s what the forecast is telling us anyway.  Call me Thomas but the last two days have taught me to believe it when I see it!

Chat some more in the morning, before we set off to see Tony Abbot.

Sleep well, I know we will.



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