Only 2 Weeks to Go

On Saturday we rode from Mt Annan to Glenbrook (Blue Mountains) and the weather was threatening all morning. We finally made it to Mash and sat down to coffee and banana bread; the best banana bread in the world. I know, a BIG call, but you have to try it for yourself. Anyway, as we sat down to enjoy our coffeee and (best in the world) banana bread, the heavens opened up. The rain eventually stopped and we left on our way, but that didn't stop us getting absolutely drenched on the way back along the Northern Road.

Breakfast in the Rain at Glenbrook from M3-Riders on Vimeo.

We were joined by Charles of OCF and Finny from Scotland.

Charlse is the Sales & Marketing Director at OCF and a seasoned cyclist. He just got back from the UK where he rode in an event from the top of Scotland to the bottom of England.

Finny is visiting from Scotland to meet his newborn grandson. He is one tough Scotsman. 3 years ago he visited Australia for the first time and while here decided to ride from Sydney to Perth, alone. On Saturday he had a crash and came off pretty bad. He rode all the way home, with the comment "I think I've broken my wrist". Sure enough, after getting it examined, he did crack his wrist.


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